What to Expect As Your Child Grows


Congratulations!  During your baby’s first visit to our office, we will discuss and provide you information about how you are feeling, feeding and caring for you baby and safety.  This is an exciting time for you and your family and even though instruction manuals don’t come with these little bundles of joy, it is important to learn different things about getting used to your baby.

  • Breast Feeding or Bottle Feeding
  • Temperatures and when to call
  • Developing routines


Can you believe it’s already been a month?  Maybe you have concerns or questions.  
We’ll discuss and provide information to help you as your baby grows.

  • Any concerns you have about your baby
  • Feeding your baby and watching him or her grow
  • How your baby is doing with your whole family
  • Your health and recovery
  • Your plans to go back to school or work
  • Caring for and protecting your baby
  • Safety at home and in the car


We will talk about

  • Taking care of yourself and your family
  • Sleep and crib safety
  • Keeping your home safe for your baby
  • Getting back to work or school and finding child care
  • Feeding your baby


We will talk about

  • Your baby and family
  • Feeding your baby
  • Sleep and crib safety
  • Calming your baby
  • Playtime with your baby
  • Caring for your baby and yourself
  • Keeping your home safe for your baby
  • Healthy teeth


We will talk about

  • Introducing solid food
  • Getting help with your baby
  • Home and car safety
  • Brushing your baby’s teeth
  • Reading to and teaching your baby


We will talk about

  • Disciplining your baby
  • Introducing new foods and establishing a routine
  • Helping your baby learn
  • Car seat safety
  • Safety at home


We will talk about

  • Setting rules and limits for your child
  • Creating a calming bedtime routine
  • Feeding your child
  • Supervising your child
  • Caring for your child’s teeth


We will talk about

  • Your child’s speech and feelings
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Keeping your home safe for your child
  • Temper tantrums and discipline
  • Caring for your child’s teeth


We will talk about

  • Talking and reading with your child
  • Playgroups
  • Preparing your other children for a new baby
  • Spending time with your family and partner
  • Car and home safety
  • Toilet training
  • Setting limits and using time-outs


We will talk about

  • Your talking child
  • Your child and TV
  • Car and outside safety
  • Toilet training
  • How your child behaves


We will talk about

  • Your talking child
  • Getting ready for preschool
  • Family activities
  • Home and car safety
  • Getting along with other children


We will talk about

  • Reading and talking
  • Rules and good behavior
  • Staying active as a family
  • Safety inside and outside
  • Playing with other children


We will talk about

  • Getting ready for school
  • Community involvement and safety
  • Promoting physical activity and limiting TV time
  • Keeping your child’s teeth healthy
  • Safety inside and outside
  • How to be safe with adults


We will talk about

  • Keeping your child’s teeth healthy
  • Preparing for school
  • Dealing with child’s temper problems
  • Eating healthy foods and staying active
  • Safety outside and inside


You’re growing up!  We’ve got some great information to share with you.

We will talk about

  • Get Involved at School
  • Play it safe
  • Save your smile
  • Dump the junk
  • Keep your feelings in check


Your child needs your direction and limit setting.  Developing health habits in life is so important.  

At this visit we may discuss the following:

  • Limiting screen time
  • Sporting Safety
  • Gun Safety
  • Rules and Consequences
  • Getting Involved at School


You’re growing up and getting bigger and are anxious to try new things.  Friendships are important and family is too.

Let's talk about

  • Dealing with difficult peers
  • Protecting your noggin
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Keeping active, eating and sleeping well


Kids at this age are excited to try new things.  It is very important to stress safety and making good choices.  

We’ll discuss the following during their well visits

  • Booster seat safety
  • Water safety
  • Safety around peers and other adults
  • School Involvement


From preteen to teen your body is changing and so are your emotions and your friends.  

Things you may have questions about

  • How diet impacts your health
  • Why making healthy choices matters
  • Why school matters
  • How to limit Stress
  • How to avoid dangerous situations


Preteens and teens are navigating a challenging landscape of growing up, physically, emotionally and socially.  We’re here to help.  

Some of the topics which may be address are

  • Limiting Screen Time
  • Physical Changes
  • Safeguarding your home regarding alcohol and prescription drugs
  • Being Happy and spending quality time as a family
  • Encouraging activities and interests
  • Gun safety


Your health and happiness is important and the choices you make have a huge impact.  

Things you may want to discuss

  • Importance of dental visits
  • Getting adequate sleep, exercise and balanced diet
  • Fostering healthy friendships and relationships
  • Making positive choices to avoid dangerous or potentially violent situations


Visits to our office for high school aged kids deal with maintain good health habits and navigating new and challenging times.

Some of the topics which may be addressed are

  • Encouraging Healthy Behavior choices
  • Listening to your teen
  • Encouraging healthy school and afterschool activities
  • Keep your teen safe from harm


Visits to our office during these ages will address specific concerns for the challenges of daily transition from young adult to adult.  

Some of the topics which will be addressed are

  • Importance of balanced diet, exercise and sleep
  • Maintaining Healthy Behavior Choices
  • Preventing violent or situations when injuries may occur
  • Keeping your feelings in check
  • Healthy Friendships