We understand when your child is sick. Our phones are answered Monday through Saturday at 8:00am. If you need an appointment that day, your child will be seen. We will try to schedule you with your doctor. Occasionally there will be times when your doctor is not available and we will schedule an appointment with another doctor or the nurse practitioner. Once all our regular appointments are filled (until 4:30) our on call doctor stays late to ensure that all sick children are seen.

We follow the schedule of well child visits as recommend by the American Academy of Pediatrics. During these visits we will be monitoring your child's development, answer questions and discuss any concerns, and administer immunizations. You can visit our section on what to expect as your child grows for more information.

We openly welcome you to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors in an effort to find the right pediatrician for your child. With that appointment you will have a personal consultation as well a walk-through of our facility.

When a referral to a specialist is recommended by one of our doctors for your child, our Referral Coordinator, Sarah Merillo, will assist you in getting an appointment made and provide any medical records or insurance information needed prior to that appointment.

After deciding if one of our doctors is right for your child, one of our doctors will come and visit your child daily after any hospitalization (including birth) at Bayfront Health Spring Hill, and Oak Hill Hospital through the date of discharge. If your child is admitted to NICU or ICU, then hospital policy dictates that your child's care will be managed by the NICU or ICU staff, and our doctors will not necessarily visit on a daily basis.